Plenty of options available if your looking for something different, check out any of these beaches while your here. 

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Bay Beach (Crystal Beach)


 There are two entrances - main entrance at west end, and a footpath off Erie Road at Ashwood Avenue at the east end. 

Pleasant Beach


Pleasant Beach bustles with sunbathers on sunny days. It offers soft sand and a high dune. There are no parking facilities here, but cars typically park along the road.

Windmill Point Park Quarry


There is a day fee. But if you're looking for a something special , the Quarry is worth a look. The natural spring waters of the quarry are known to reach temperatures of 82⁰ F

Nickel Beach


Nickel beach hides behind Nickel Plant The beach is amazingly clean and is one of the few places where you can drive your vehicle right on the sand.

Waverly Beach


At the east end of the Friendship Trail, Waverly Beach Park is a perfect place to start your journey. 

Bernard Avenue Beach


Just a short ride from the Friendship Trail, Bernard Beach is just 66 feet wide making it one of Lake Erie’s smaller beaches.